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London Eye




My family and I spent all day long exploring London and decided to take a bus to go back to the guesthouse in the late evening.

On the way back to the guesthouse, we should have got off the bus at a bus stop before the driver turned left, and should have switched to another bus. We missed the bus stop. The bus turned left, crossed the bridge, and headed to the next bus stop. We got off the bus and tried to return to the bus stop which we missed.

It gave us a chance to walk through the bridge and see the beautiful view of the London Eye at night. While we were passing through the bridge, the London Eye lighted up in red color. I really like the red color of the London Eye, as it’s so stunning and fantastic. It looks like a beautiful shining ring on the Thames River.

The London Eye is one of the top attractions in London. A rotation takes 30 minutes. People say you can see up to 40 km away on a clear day. That will be amazing.

It is one of London’s tallest buildings at 135 meters above ground. It is still Europe’s tallest observation wheel. Its construction took 7 years and was completed in 1999, and opened to the public in 2000.

The London Eye has 32 air-conditioned passenger capsules, one of the capsules is Cupid capsule. It is said that over 6000 couples are proposing here. So romantic, isn’t it? Each capsule can fit up to 25 people and the London Eye can take up to 800 people in one round.

London Eye always looks at the Thames River quietly, and the Thames River pulls us into beauty.

We took many photos to have this moment forever.


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