Nature, Taiwan, Travel

A flower-like pattern.



How come there is a flower-like pattern in rock in the sand?

The pattern, with a star in the middle, having 5 petals arranged by slashes. Simple geometric lines outline this pattern. The white, earth yellow, light orange color mixed brown color make it amazing.

The artistic flower-like layout surprises you, doesn’t it? Nature is the artist and time is the assistant.

This is a sea urchin fossil and also known as a sand dollar. It’s a miracle of Nature. The sea urchin fossil has been around for a long time.

Sea urchins have been buried underground for millions of years under tons of pressure before exposure. The remains of a prehistoric organism preserved in petrified form.

The sea urchin transforms as times goes by and displays itself as a form of a flower-like fossil. It might not be existing forever due to weathering and exposure, but it will remain beautiful until it disappears.



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