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Gig Translation Services



Briefly Describe my Gig:



English to Chinese (simplified /traditional )

 I help bloggers share traveling experiences, business story or idea in Mandarin Chinese.

One of my short bilingual articles for your reference.

            About me :



Specializing in

Finance & Economy
Culture & Art


Scope & Pricing:

7 Day Delivery
1 Revision within 30 days
Up To 1000 English Words
Pricing: USD$30



* I only accept Microsoft Word file
* Manual translation
* Satisfaction guarantee
* I reserve the right to reject objectionable content
* All documents and personal info absolutely confidential
* Translate after receiving payment


Manually translate 1000 words from English to Chinese.
Short translation of a short text, such as a blog post, a letter or an e-mail.
Please leave a message via my contact page : 


Please contact me for availability for any specific request such as simplified or traditional, formatting, etc. before you place the order.


Your support is greatly appreciated.














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