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Roast duck makes you hungry

Do you like roast duck? Have you ever tried Asian roast duck?

People say that the most famous roast duck is Peking duck and it was originated from the Yuan and the Ming Dynasty in China. An emperor of  the Ming dynasty loved roast duck and made it became one of the imperial cuisines. The roast duck is very popular nowadays and also become one of the street food. You could enjoy roast duck at a nice restaurant or buy from a street vendor.

Roast duck is so tasty and juicy. The crispy skin is the highlight when enjoying a roast duck. It should be crispy, but not greasy.

Roast Duck  Process
Choose good quality duck, air-dried for 5-6 hours, roasted 40-50 minutes, and pay attention to timing and temperature. It requires a long, slow roast. No flipping, no touching.

Timing and temperature is the key to roast duck. Each chef has his secret skill and SOP.

When it is done, the chef will cut the roasted duck into about 30 pieces in two minutes. It needs practice and not everyone can do it well.

In this restaurant, pancakes have three different flavors, makao, ( spicy pepper), Alianthus Prickly Ash, and regular flavor. Take a pancake, and put sliced duck, ingredients in the middle of the pancakes mixed with some sauces. The pancakes should be soft and pliable. Ingredients include pickle, garlic, cucumber, and so on. The sauce is usually sweet been sauce. If there is no sweet bean sauce, the roast duck will not be so delicious.  Plum vinegar sauce  also matches to the roast duck. You could choose what you like and make your own yummy yummy roast duck.











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