Shanyue Suspension Bridge

Shanyue Suspension Bridge is located in Taroko national park, Hualien, Taiwan.
Shanyue Suspension Bridge is open to the public from Aug.2020. It was under construction for almost 3 years. You can imagine how difficult it is to build a bridge in the canyon.

The Shanyue Suspension Bridge is 196 meters long and 2.5 meters wide. It is about 152 meters from the valley. It crosses the Liwu Valley from the edge of the Buluowan. It is the longest suspension bridge in Taroko National Park.

The suspension bridge, overlooked from the bridge, the Liwu River is winding and winding, and the mountains on both sides are steep and layered, and the vision can extend from the valley to the distant mountains.

To the east is the Liwu Valley along the riverbank, and to the west, you can admire the rugged terrain of the canyon, which is magnificent.

Visitors line up and wait to cross the Shanyue suspension bridge.

Check-in point. Visitors need to have a reservation for visiting.

A place to see whole picture of the Shanyue Suspension Bridge.

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