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Alishan Tea Plantations.

Taiwan is a paradise for nature lovers. One of the reason is that Taiwan is a mountainous island. I had a trip to Alishan area. It is a place with mountains and tea plantations.

On the way to tea plantation, we can see the mountains. It roughly 1500 meters above the sea level.

It roughly 5 hours driving from Taipei to Alishan area.

A guest house beside the road, it was getting dark ,and I decided to stay here for one night. These are photos I shot in the next morning.

Inside the guest house.

Let me show you some photos of tea plantation in the mountains. You can see the tea plantations in the slops.

Beautiful tea plantation under clouds.

Next, Let’s see the tea plantation in misty.

Beautiful tea plantation in high mountains in the misty day. You can see the foggy clouds.

Tea plants get enough sunlight in the morning and get enough water in the evening and at night, which results in a sweeter and less astringent brew. It produces golden yellow tea with a unique fruity aroma.

Have a look of tea leaves.

Tea leaves just have been picked up.

Tea seed

There are also trails in the tea plantation area. You could enjoy wandering in the tea plantation.

Relax walking in the tea plantation.


A guest house is surrounded by the plantations. The owner is also tea producer.

Tea plantation in the forest.


Have you ever see the tea flower?

I found a very nice place for lunch. It’s really far in the mountains. The owner is a young couple , the husband is from Taiwan Tsou tribe and the wife is from South African.

Homemade pizza.

The Food is so yummy. I bet you wanna try the Taiwanese Sausages.

Do you like tea ? Have you ever heard of oolong tea (烏龍茶) ? Taiwan is famous for oolong tea. This artical let you know the enviroment of oolong tea and give you a very short blog trip of tea plantation.

If I have vacation, I would like go again and again to see the beautiful plantation. Alishan is one of my favorite place in Taiwan. Highly recommended if you have chance to visit Taiwan in the future. Don’t forget to contact me…I will treat you a cup of oolong tea from Alishan.

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