Shanyue Suspension Bridge

Shanyue Suspension Bridge is located in Taroko national park, Hualien, Taiwan.Shanyue Suspension Bridge is open to the public from Aug.2020. It was under construction for almost 3 years. You can imagine how difficult it is to build a bridge in the canyon. The Shanyue Suspension Bridge is 196 meters long and 2.5 meters wide. It… Continue reading Shanyue Suspension Bridge

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Jaunt around a little trail

Jaunt means a short journey.A short journey for pleasure.      A little stream with mossy stones.     Mosses are small, non-vascular flowerless plants.Mosses typically form dense green clumps or mats and often in damp or shady locations.   Taiwan is located between the tropics and the subtropics, with four distinct seasons, high temperature and humidity, and abundant rainfall.The altitude… Continue reading Jaunt around a little trail