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Spring Land Villa


Sping Land Villa.

This is a beautiful villa located in Puli, Nantou, central Taiwan. Puli is a basin surrounded by mountains and a tourist destination. Spring Land Villa is just right in Puli and it is a very good design villa. The hosts are very nice and friendly couple.

It is a 20-minute drive from Sun Moon Lake which is a must-visit destination.

The Spring Land Villa has an amazing design from the hosts. Some tourists say it looks like a spaceship. They started the villa about ten years ago. They started with a few rooms and then built a second building, as you can see in the photos.

If you have the opportunity to come to the middle of Taiwan and seek good accommodation, Spring Land Villa will be the best choice and provide you with a relaxed atmosphere.


Spring land villa


The hosts also are nature lovers and plant some flowers in the yard. They will tell you what plants are currently in the garden.

Roses and some flower around the villa.

Papaya trees !



I love roses.


The hosts sometimes make black tea with herbs from the yard.

Let’s have a look how is the room.





The four photos of rooms  from , if you need more information, please check it out on .

It’s so simple and elegant.

All the things just make you feel so relaxed. Just enjoy the simple pleasure.

This is how it looks like under sunset.



They have a lovely dog named Cupy, so cute!

Springland Villa

Why not visit Sun Moon Lake and return to the villa to enjoy the relaxation? That would be great.

Here are Sun Moon Lake photos.

How to reach Spring Land Villa?   Click here for your information of Spring Land Villa

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