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I started my blog

It’s unbelievable that I started my blog since Aug. 2018 the time I ended a trip from the UK. I’m so happy about this, and  I continue to blog. I can say that I did it. A blog is a bridge connecting me and the world. I think I made a right decision to start a blog.

Although having a blog isn’t a new trend nowadays, blogging still meets people’s needs and has always existed. I am not a very trendy person, I decided to have a blog because I need it and I wanted to give it a try.

What is a blog? A regular record of your thoughts, opinions, or experiences that you put on the internet for other people to read. That’s a definition from the Cambridge English Dictionary.

Why do I start my blog? I had a trip to the UK and I had a great time there. I want to make a record of the trip and share some photos and thoughts to my family, friends, and people around the world. I think it’s “blog” meets what I want. Some people might choose other social media, but I chose a blog. I just want to share trip experience in the UK and then I started to write a blog. Besides the UK, I also try to post some other traveling photos.

How do I start a blog? I just searched for some information on the internet “how to start a blog” and then I saw an advertisement on WordPress. I read it. It encourages people to start a blog. I didn’t know if I can do it or not at that time.

I tried to understand what the differences between and, and not get confused about them. Anyway, I started a blog from a free site of I signed up step by step and choose a simple theme. Then it’s done! I’v up graded to premium plan.

In the beginning, I just chose one or two photos, wrote several sentences, and post on a blog. That’s what my first post on a blog. You could click here if you are interested in my first post. I asked myself, where I can get started? You might be surprised how simple it is and doubt is this a blog post? I remain the same even now I already know WordPress better. I might update slightly in the future or keep it the same as now. That’s an initial record of my blog, how I got started, and all the memories of my UK trip.

As time goes by, I write more and more and post more and more. just sent a message to me, it said: “ I’ve written 50 posts.”

I also found that some of my posts attract readers’ eyes, and get likes. That encourages me, and I would share more about what I’ve seen in the world. Just like I write on ” about me”. Traveling enriches life. I do my best to see the world. I share what I  have  seen to people who also enjoy traveling. I always see the beauty side of everything in the world while I enjoy things I like most.”

I would like to say thank you for reading any of my posts and following me.


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